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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!
Picture 1 Mr M Peacock (Principal / P7 Teacher / Literacy)
Picture 2 Mrs K Annett (Vice-Principal / P1 Teacher /SENCO)
Picture 3 Mrs P Newell (P2 Teacher / Art & Design)
Picture 4 Mrs R Graham (P3 Teacher / RE & Music)
Picture 5 Mrs D Haugh-Graham (P5 Teacher/ PDMU)
Picture 6 Mrs H Wright (P4 Teacher / Numeracy)
Picture 7 Mrs H Harris (P4 Teacher / Eco Schools)
Picture 8 Mrs A McMath (P5 Teacher / ICT)
Picture 9 Mrs M Rea (P6 Teacher / World Around Us)
Picture 10 Mrs A Herron (P7 Teacher / PE)
Picture 11 Mrs F Annett (School Secretary)
Picture 12 Mrs L Fryar (Classroom Assistant)
Picture 13 Mrs L McKee (Classroom Assistant)
Picture 14 Mrs G Nicholson (Classroom Assistant)
Picture 15 Mrs M McKibbin (Classroom Assistant)
Picture 16 Mrs L Chambers (Classroom Assistant)
Picture 17 Miss A Flanagan (Lunchtime Supervisor)
Picture 18 Mrs R McConnell (Lunchtime Supervisor)
Picture 19 Mrs W Annett (Catering Assistant)
Picture 20 Mrs E Annett (Caretaker)
Picture 21 Mr D Keown (Chairman of Governors)