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History of BWPS

BWPS Timeline


1972    School opened on 6th June

            Teaching staff: Mrs I Annett, Mrs S Crutchley, Mr D Clarke & Mr T Porter (Principal)


1983    Mr T Porter retired from Principal’s post

            Mr W Young appointed as Principal


1985    Original development of school pond area


1988    Mr W Young resigned from Principal’s post

            Mrs S Crutchley appointed as Principal


1989    Development of Remedial Resource Room


1997    School celebrates its 25th Anniversary


1998    School pond area re-developed in conjunction with Mourne Heritage Trust


1998    Mrs S Crutchley retired from Principal’s post

            Mr M Peacock appointed as Principal


2001    First school extension completed: New Staff Room and ICT Room built


2005    Second school extension completed: 3 new permanent Classrooms and Library area added


2006    Development of new car parking area for parents


2007    School website set up


2009    Addition of a new mobile classroom for P5


2009    Enrolment numbers allow seven separate classes in the school for the first time, to    

            replace composite classes 


2012    School celebrates its 40th Anniversary


2014    Third school extension completed: Addition of new P2 Classroom, Resource Area, Staff Room, ICT 

            Room & General Office. The Library, P1 and P6 classrooms were completely re-furbished.


2015    In September we have an enrolment of 179 pupils - the highest in the history of the   



2018    Opening of Brackenagh Busy Bees Playgroup