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Coronavirus Update

Dear Parent


We appreciate that this is a time of great worry and uncertainty for everyone, given that we are in uncharted territory as a community, and as a nation.  As has always been the case, our pupil’s health and safety is of paramount importance, and we will continue to keep this at the forefront of our minds in all that we do.


Currently we are not in a position to close the school, as we have been told by the Education Minister to remain open until advised otherwise. However, please be assured that we are doing all that we can to limit the spread of possible infection within the school, and are seeking to follow the PHA guidance. We must stress that if your child displays symptoms, such as a new, continuous cough or high temperature, they should remain at home.


We also understand that many of you may be uncomfortable with sending your child to school, particularly if they, or other family members, have underlying health issues. Given the current situation, I can assure you that we fully support those parents who wish to keep their children at home.


In light of this, each teacher has prepared a folder of work for any children who are not currently being sent to school, and these folders can be collected from your child’s class teacher. Please be advised that these folders are only for children not currently attending school.


These folders contain activities that cover the next two weeks in school, and you can complete this with your child, at your own pace. More work activities will then be provided from Easter onwards. We suggest that 2-3 hours a day should be sufficient to spend on school work (dependent on the age of each child). We would also encourage children to read as much as possible during any time off school.


When schools are advised to close, each class teacher will be providing work, on a weekly basis, for children to complete at home. This will continue until the children are able to return to school. This work will be made available on the Class Pages on the school website, via email, or through collection at school - whatever suits you best. Further information will be provided about this when we close.


For now, if anyone is keeping their children at home, folders of work can be collected from your child’s class teacher at your convenience. Thank you for working with us as we seek to navigate through this very challenging time.


Yours sincerely


M J Peacock (Principal)