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School Closure

The Education Minister has now provided guidance around the closure of schools for the next two weeks. As you know, the week beginning 26th October had already been designated as our half-term holidays, which means that the children will effectively be missing one week of school due to this new directive.


The Minister has stated that next week will be classified as "an extension of the half-term break, and it is not intended to be used for remote learning." As a result, this will not be the same as the previous period of closure and no additional work will be provided. It appears that there is a strong desire for schools to re-open on 2nd November, and we will be planning on that basis.


This is a situation very much beyond our control, and we very much hope that this school closure will not last beyond the two weeks specified. Children will attend school as normal on Thursday and Friday, after which the school will remain closed until Monday 2nd November.