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P2 Mrs Newell

We are all now ready to give reading a go...... Fred Talk all the green words and help your child read Red Words. Please don't be stressing about Reading at this stage. This is only the start of your child's reading journey. If they are struggling, Fred Talk with them or read the story to your child instead or take turns. Please don't make this a chore; make it as fun as possible.

I will upload our class reading book every Wednesday.

Reading book for Wednesday and Thursday night.

Have a look at what we have been doing in Primary Two so far!

Read Write Inc Lessons

Literacy Time

Play Time

Numeracy Learning Tasks

Following a sequence by making buns!

Problem Solving

Sticker number fun

Library Time

World Around Us - Food Topic Work


Please keep your child’s homework booklet and spelling practice book at home until Wednesday 20th October.

RWI Set 2 Sounds

Please only refer to Set 2 P2 Sounds.